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06/27/2012: "Offsite Blogging LXX"
Why live in Southern California if you don't bother riding your bicycle to the beach? So i do, as often as possible. And so you get to read posts about Santa Monica all the time....

Fortunately, there are many, many good things happening in the Bay City, and this week I report on a couple more:

At Orange 20, I actually complain, not about Santa Monica itself, but about the hordes of drivers who are willing to spend more time inching towards a parking spot in their cars than actually visiting the beach, the pier, or the town—why suffer the Idles of the Parking when there's such good transit service and bike infrastructure in SaMo to make it easy for you to avoid it?

Such as the ongoing transformation of Ocean Park into a "Complete Green Street," which I look at in The West Is Green, on Flying Pigeon LA's blog.

Things are looking up around least when you're looking west.

Saddle up and take a look yourself....

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