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05/27/2012: "Threads Etc."

The light merino knit T-shirts have been cut, and sewing commences in the coming week. Expect to see them on the website soon! We've been wearing one nearly every day for months to test it out, and believe me, it hurt to give it back to the factory for a few days as a sewing guide to get the stitching started! Fortunately we've got it back now....

The City Knicker v2.0 are now out of stock, but we are hoping to replace them with a v3.0 sometime in late summer if we can work it out. The new design will be a little closer fitting and have our Deep Hem at the cuff instead of the drawstring; this means that tall folks can have them let out for a few bucks at any tailor's or dry cleaner's shop. They'll also be a little more elegant. Plus, we've seen samples for some sweet hemp blend herringbone that we hope to use for part of the run. (Part will be in wool, of course.)

And...we're working on a pattern for an update of the classic racing cap, to be released in wool and Japanese broken denim, with a few changes to make it both more functional and more elegant. All coming soon, we hope.

There is also another house brand project for Clever Cycles in the keep an eye on this blog, if you don't ride naked.

Or take a look at our Classic Wool Knickers, Knicker Socks, James Black Hats, and other goodies in stock right here.

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