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02/26/2012: "Almost a Birthday Ride"
Nothing really to report, just a nice ride with a few friends on a Sunday--a pre-birthday ride, to be precise, since I doubt I'd get much company on the real day, tomorrow, which is of course a Monday.

Gina, who is immersed in a demanding work project, rode with me to Sabor Y Cultura, a wonderful coffeehouse in East Hollywood, where we all met up, then peeled off to Cafecito Orgánico where she set up her computer and worked while the rest of us had fun.

Charles and Carmen from Long Beach, John Vu and Emily H. from near Hel-Mel, and Eric Weinstein from Santa Monica all followed through Los Feliz to the Los Angeles River bike path, which took us past the ripples, egrets and blue herons (and grafitti) to Frogtown. From there we followed North Figueroa to Highland Park and a wonderful lunch at Good Girl Dinette--Judy B. (from the GRID project) and Velo-Retro's Chuck Schmidt and wife Cheryl joined us for food and conviviality.

The backside saw us stopping at Flying Pigeon LA to degrade my pal Josef's productivity for a while. Then we headed to downtown, crossing the Graffiti Footbridge over the Pasadena Freeway to get us to the new bikelanes on 18th and 19th Streets, Chinatown, Echo Park, Silverlake with its hordes of cyclists, and finally Hel-Mel, where we rejoined Gina and indulged in artisanal ice cream.

I took the camera; however, I am both proud and sorry to announce that I took not one single picture, but just enjoyed the day as it happened, for what it was.

Friends, food, and bikes--life is good!

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