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02/11/2012: "A Bicycle Valentine"
Here, inspired by LovelyBicycle!'s "Velo Valentine" contest, is my own cycling-themed valentine, addressed, of course, to my dear wife Gina:

The winter sun leans on a fading sea
and breathes its light across the road. Once more,
our pace a mockery of dreams of speed,
we pedal side by side, home from the store.

We chase no magic, seek no hidden key,
discern no secret words in wisps of cloud--
bags and basket stuffed with prosaic leaves,
we weave our path through a metallic crowd

of blank-eyed cars. You laugh, and ring your bell;
That's all. A tiny outburst of plain joy.
The sun, casting my shadow on your wheel,
transforms my profile to a glittering toy.

It spins ahead of you, out of your sight,
as side by side, we play in earthbound flight.

With all my love, from Rick....

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