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02/09/2012: "Classic Wools Back in Stock!"
Bicycle Fixation's Classic Wool Knickers are finally back in stock, after the usual delays in our capable but overworked downtown factory.

The price went up slightly, to $119.00, as we bit the bullet and went with a higher grade of gabardine than was strictly necessary--just because it was so beautiful. Still a bargain for elegant knickers of this quality.

Two colors, again: what we call Soft Black, a charcoal without any hint of harshness in color, weave, or drape, and our trademark burgundy gusset, and Olive Brown, with a black gusset. We've run Olive Brown before--the photo with a leg in it is an earlier version--but none we've seen before is as visually pleasing as this one.

The likelihood of our finding these fabrics again is low, so don't hesitate. The Olive Brown in particular is in short supply--we could get enough cloth to make only twenty pair, and only in the sizes shown.

You bigger folk take heed as well: we have sizes 40 and 42 in stock in Soft Black only.

Details on our shopping cart here.

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