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01/04/2012: "Parking Contest? No Contest!"
The Third Street Farmers Market in Los Angeles around noon today, as potential shoppers struggled to park...well, not all potential shoppers!

fmparking2 (194k image)

Note that there are as many bikes as cars visible in the photo, and that the cyclists are in the Market shopping, while the drivers are sitting and stewing, and getting out of the mood to spend....

Clearly, the way for the Market to support its customers and merchants is to add more bike spaces, since this corral was almost full, and cyclists were parking at poles and street furniture...which at least they could do, unlike the drivers.

The Farmers Market is sort of an American souk, and one of the more popular shopping and casual dining destinations in LA. There are more bike racks on the other side of the Market, but they are of the inferior "wheelbender" type. Nevertheless, most of them were full as well.

Too bad the merchants can't tell how many of their customers pedaled up, rather than rode the dinosaur....

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