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12/31/2011: "New for the New Year"
Not so much a resolution as a prediction: I predict that we will have a new run of Classic Wool Knickers by the end of January. I've bought two rolls of sweet, slightly-lighter wool gabardine in a sort of soft black--it's hard to describe otherwise, as it's truly black, not gray, but has none of that dogmatic harshness of most black fabrics--and a rich olive brown. The downtown LA factory promised they will cut on Tuesday, and then, if all goes well, three weeks of sewing will see them done!

Less certain is the advent of our mandarin-collar merino jersey, which we were preparing to make just as the Great Recession fell upon us. I've been wearing the poor sample for three years. almost every day for half the year, and everyone loves it--though not as much as I do, for I get to wear it, and it is sweet!

So keep your eye on this blog for the announcements--or click on the link to the "Comments" page on the left and send me a note asking me to let you know by email when they're ready.

Look good, feel good, ride happy!

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