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12/20/2011: "Out of Whole Cloth"
A few weeks ago, I helped my neighbor fix u his old mountain bike so he could ride to his favorite restaurant without having to join in the Great Los Angeles Parking Frenzy when he arrived. This was Pete, who'd helped me get started in the rag trade six years ago. In exchange for some modest wrenching and a bit of teach-a-man-to-fish advice, he gave me three rolls of Japanese "broken denim" he'd had cluttering up his apartment.

It comes in half-width rolls, which left me wondering what to do with it--all our patterns are for 44 or 58 inch rolls--when I realized I have two projects for which this would be perfect:So it'll be one of the two. If you, Reader, have any preference, send me a message through our Comments form. And keep an eye on this blog; something should happen in the first quarter of 2012!

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