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12/02/2011: "Occupy ALL Streets!"
J. H. Crawford of has just released a concise little video exploring the relationship between cars, public health, livable cities, and the 1%'s economic manipulations. It makes a compelling case for the wholesale removal of cars from central cities, to make room for street life, transit, bicycling, and a truly sustainable economy. Here it is, from Vimeo:

Occupy All Streets: The Role of Carfree Cities in a More Sustainable World from J.H. Crawford on Vimeo.

Crawford and I have worked together on urban and carfree issues for many years--my son and I contributed photos to his books, Carfree Cities and Carfree Design Manual, and I helped a bit with the Los Angeles map in the video.

We can't really build a pleasurable, healthy, sustainable life in our cities if we continue to jam them full of cars to the exclusion of everything else--and their effect on the economy, thanks to the massive hidden subsidies driving requires, is even worse.

Crawford's work is some of the most highly developed in this line. You could do worse than to browse his website after seeing the video.

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