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11/25/2011: "Facing Black Friday on the Wheel...."
Gina and I don't "do" Black Friday; while Gina does love to shop, she has little tolerance for unrly crowds or for standing in line, and I don't buy much of anything at all. I take "consumption" literally, and prefer to spend my money in coffeehouses and bistros, hanging out with friends or getting to know the people I encounter. And riding my bike, of course. But my fixie requires so little maintenance that, despite putting on some six hundred miles a month, I hardly know the inside of a bike shop any more.

Today, however, we were condemned to visit the mall, as Gina's iPhone had met an untimely demise, and she needed to replace it in time for an important conference call.

Her sister, calling on the land line, fretted about the traffic and parking woes we would face, but she didn't know our little secret: bicycles, and a pleasant, nearly traffic-free route, mostly through an old but still progressive "Radiant City" type development between us and the mall that houses the Apple store.

Here's a little photo sequence showing you the highlights of our "daunting" expedition:

Our street, looking north

Gina swooping through the roundabout in Park La brea

Taking it easy in the bike lane

Back to public streets

Approaching the giant parking garage

Which includes an extensive bike corral!

Of course, we did encounter traffic in the end--but at least it was pedestrian traffic....

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