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09/22/2011: "The New Knickers Have Arrived!"
Well, I hitched the trailer to the Trevor Wong, the big orange fixie, and rode downtown yesterday morning to pick up a new order of Classic Wool Knickers from our factory. Sorry you all had to wait so long, but it's the factory's busy season (and we are not their only customer), plus there were some quality control issues that had to be resolved--and were, of course.

So they're in stock and online, and they're beautiful! Lush wool flannel suiting in dark charcoal, with our classic burgundy gusset, and warm olive brown with a black gusset. The flannel exhibits an elegant drape while being almost sinfully comfortable. It will also keep you cozy during fall, winter, and early spring commutes, frosty rambles, and two-wheeled evenings out.

The olive brown gabardines are slightly lighter but every bit as suave and coddling, and a wee bit tougher. These are in very short supply; we made only a very few.

As usual, sizes shown in the dropdown menu are what is available. If you wear the larger sizes, please don't hesitate as lately they have been selling out quickly.

See them, and our remaining stock of Midnight knickers in wool gabardine, here.

Look good, feel great, ride happy!

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