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09/06/2011: "A Day at the Beach"
After weeks of fairly serious writing and editing on the GRID project I am working on, plus guest reporting on various bureaucratic bike doings (many of them positive for a change!) on other people's blogs at Orange 20 and Flying Pigeon LA, it's a nice beak to report on just some pure sensual pleasures of riding a bike.... The clean wind of autumn, the pale light of cooling days, and bright colors of bikes and cyclists by the ever-present Pacific Ocean just a few miles west. Of course, I went to the Bridge at Playa del Rey, one of my favorite places in Los Angeles, as regular readers of this blog know all too well by now!

Here, for example, is a gentle wolfpack of beflagged and ribboned bentriders regrouping on the Bridge prior to a lounge down the bikepath:

recumbents_theBridge (179k image)

And here is a mixed bag of roadies, cruisers, and kids rolling along the south jetty of the Marina del Rey:

cyclists_southjetty_MdR (123k image)

Overall, nothing spectacular...but damn it, it sure is satisfying to be out there on such a day, in such company, on a bike!

All that's missing is a bistro, an outdoor table, and some bread and wine...right on the bridge. With a bike rack, of course. Wouldn't that be something!

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