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08/24/2011: "The Return of the Troll Hole"
4th_st_troll_hole (117k image)
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While, thanks in part to my efforts in tracking down the source, LA's infamous Hudson River no longer flows 365/24/7 as it used to. This means that the crappy coldpatch jobs the Bureau of street Services typically applies to pothole repairs now lasts several month, rather than a few weeks as they did here before, when the water constantly undermined the road.

Nevertheless, the patch jobs are crappy--in part because the city never removes the broken concrete slabs that lie in the depths of the damage, and so the car traffic beats it up pretty badly--and so 4th Street's famous Troll Hole has finally returned.

I dropped a dime on it as usual. The city does indeed respond to requests sent in through their online form, though not always instantly. (You can turn in your favorite pothole as well, at the BSS Service Request page.) And since as of yesterday the hole had not been patched, I just wanted to let the numerous Los Angeles commuters who bicycle 4th Street to watch out at Hudson, for thought he river no longer flows, the troll is waiting for you once again.

With luck Street Services will have it patched within a few days, but until then, be careful.

As of 26 August 2011, the "Troll Hole" has been patched, not too badly either. Enjoy it while you can!

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