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08/13/2011: "A Bit of Needling"
Just letting you know that we have fired up the factory for another run of Classic Wool Knickers, which should be done in about two weeks.

The primary color will be everybody's favorite, charcoal, though this time in a wool flannel rather than gabardine. The flannel is a little softer than the gab, but also a little thicker, so durability should be about equal, while they will bring a little more warmth to your legs for fall, winter, and early spring riding. These will have our traditional burdungy gusset at the cuff.

The secondary color will be olive brown, with a black gusset, in our usual mid-weight gabardine. We will have very few of these, and not in all sizes, so if olive is your choice, act fast!

Of course we still have the Classics in midnight as well as City Knickers v2.0 in true black, so visit our shopping cart to grab a pair if you fancy those colors. They are beginning to run out.

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