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08/08/2011: "That's More Like It!"
We stopped by local shopping mall The Grove last Saturday evening, and much to our delight we found the bike racks in the parking structure absolutely jam-packed with bicycles! So I had Gina put her iPhone camera to work, to see what we could do in the semi-darkness of the concrete cave.

Bike racks in the parking structure at The Grove in Los Angeles

Imagine how much smaller they could have made this giant garage if they'd though just a bit progressively and put in far more bike racks? (They have added more rack space over the years.) Certainly they coudl have dispensed with at least one of the eight floors. With a ton of concrete releasing a ton of CO2 into the atmosphere, and many hundreds of tons making up each floor, that alone would have made a significant difference.

Not to mention the differenced encouraging, rather than just tolerating, bicycle access would make.

I suspect they'll be having to expand bike parking yet again pretty soon.

In fact, we could not find spots for our bikes, and went over to the adjacent Farmers Market, which recently installed a bike corral itself. We passed several more cyclists pedaling toward the parking structure as we rode away. Did they stop and shop, or did they also move on to someplace more accommodating?

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