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05/14/2011: "Summer Clearance"
Just a reminder that you can help yourself by helping us clear out some last bits of inventory to make room for upcoming goodies, including a couple of new products.

First off, we have a very few of the Town & Country Shorts left at a mere $56 each, but only in waist size 30. These have an inseam of 8.5", but can be taken in or let out by your local tailor or dry cleaner for five or ten bucks. Sturdy hemp blended with polyester recycled from beverage bottles, these are incredibly tough, durable, and long lasting, as well as supremely comfortable and, of course, fine-looking to boot!

When they're gone, we won't have any more for a year or two, so if you're slim and like to commute, tour, or ride cross country on your bike, or hike or walk, get yourself a pair of these while you can. They have four main pockets plus a small bellows pocket on the upper thigh, where it won't interfere with pedaling. I've worn mine for many thousands of miles, with only boxers underneath, but they are cut to allow padded tights and still look slick.

We also have a few left of our Four Season Jersey/Ninja Road Warrior Hoodie, a top so comfortable that some buyers have worn them every day for over a year straight, and a few report sleeping in theirs! Orange only, but available in extremely limited quantities in M, L, and XL. Comfortable in heat or cold, even extreme cold, so when your hot summer day turns chill in the alpine camp you end up at, you'll still be cozy.

Integrated balaclava that converts to a normal hood, extra length in back, one pocket on the left breast and another low on the back, plus the luxury and practicality of pure merino wool, imported directly by us from New Zealand. These jerseys look great on men and women both.

Again, these will be put on hold for a year or two as we cycle in new products that we held back on during the recession, so this is your chance.

Of course we also have a good stock of Classic Wool Knickers, City Knickers v2.0, James Black Hats, Knicker Socks, and more--see them all on our shopping cart page.

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