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04/18/2011: "Bicycle Parking and the Local Economy"
Can't let this one go by unremarked: Elly Blue has written a superb roundup of the importance of providing adequate bike parking not only to cyclists but to local businesses. In just one example, she says:
Take the example of Fort Worth, Texas, which recently paid just over $12,000 to purchase and install 80 new bike staples in its Near Southside shopping district, (thanks to Fort Worthology's Kevin Buchanan for the tip). Each staple holds two bicycles, so the total cost was $78 per space. An additional $160,000 is being spent to restripe the streets in the district, replacing two car traffic lanes with bike lanes. According to Buchanan the changes have resulted in a nearly 200 percent increase in business for restaurants on the district's popular Magnolia Street.
Read the rest of the article on Grist:

The Economic Case for On-Street Bike Parking

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