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04/02/2011: "Numbers & Numbers"
Numbers part one: I've published a new article on the economic aspects of supporting utility cycling, entitled "The Bottom Line Speaks." it's an extended version of the article recently published by Cycling Mobility under the title "Planning from the Bottom Line Up," which is available by subscription only, as Cycling Mobility is a professional journal for government cycling officials and administrators, cycling NGOs, and independent planning agencies. The paper version is extremely handsome, and I strongly recommend a subscription if you are profession planner involved in bicycle infrastructure and planning in or out of government. Or just borrow one!

Numbers part two: while riding back from downtown Wednesday I routed myself along nearly the entire length of 4th Street as usual, though this time at the tail end of rush hour. I am happy to report that in the twenty or twenty-five minutes I spent on Fourth, I saw seventeen other cyclists using the street. These were mostly coming the other way, of course, since I would neither pass nor be passed by most people going the same direction. I also noted five or six riders on streets crossing 4th, but only counted the ones who rode along it.

And today, while riding fourth yet again with a bunch of LACBC folk to inventory potholes, I saw numerous other riders using the street to get somewhere, wearing everyday clothes including skirts or slacks.

Good sign for this prospective bicycle boulevard.

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