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03/29/2011: "W/S Bike Killaz"
AKA another in our desultory series on Los Angeles Killer Potholes.

This one is on Wilshire in the Miracle Mile--in fact, around the corner from Bicycle Fixation Central. I am just flabbergasted that such a thing is permitted to remain.

And yes, there is quite a bit of bicycle traffic on Wilshire Bouelvard.

One Nasty Pothole

There's a lead-in of a series of bad patch jobs creating a mini-mogul effect to get you ready for this beast...I'm going to drop a dime on it at the usual Bureau of Street Services webpage, so with luck it may be gone in a week or two...or three, or....

Keep your eyes open. The recent downpours have made small potholes bigger, and big potholes humongous...and they're all hungry!

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