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03/07/2011: "Hudson River Update II"
It's drying up nicely now--I took this photo yesterday morning, and when I passed again just before dusk the intersection was almost completely dry.

Still nasty, though, as you can see in the photo below:

hudson_river_030611 (126k image)

That "cake" of asphalt in the middle of the pothole is 6 inches heigh on some edges! Literally a bicycle deathtrap on one of LA's most-used official bike routes.

I'll drop another (virtual) dime on it through the Bureau of Street Services website and see whether the next temporary patch will be a little less temporary, now that the water flow has (apparently) been redirected straight to the storm drain.

What we really need, when this is repaved as part of its conversion to a bicycle boulevard, is a motor traffic diverter here--built as a bioswale!

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