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03/05/2011: "Hudson River Update"
Dare I hope? As I rode home tonight from the CicLAvia benefit party in Atwater, I noticed that the "Hudson River" was dry. Yes, that eternal labyrinth of broken asphalt and algae-slick puddles, caused by flow from a sump pump at 345 Hudson up the street, as I determined a year or two ago, was dry.

I'd nagged about this through every agency I had at hand--indirectly through this blog and the LACBC, and directly to LADOT, Sanitation, Bureau of Street Services, councilmember La Bonge's office,and all gods and demons as well for good measure.

And I'd recently heard noises through LACBC folk that the city had at least both persuaded and permitted the offending owner to hiik the damned sump pump directly to the storm drain under the street, thereby no longer using the intersection as a private drain channel.

The intersection itself is still a mess, and still dangerous, and possibly the dryness is coincidental, and the sump pump broken or the power out--but I'm going to let myself hope that years of concerted nagging have borne fruit, and that the next time the gaping holes are patched, the fix will last a little longer.

Of course, we still have to get a bike boulevard in there--but since that requires paving the horrible street surface, which would be useless if the water were still undermining the roadway, we're a little bit closer now.

I hope.

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