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02/25/2011: "Rainy Day Rambles"
A slow build-up to big rain was predicted for today, but so far it hasn't been too unaccommodating. I had to run down to Palms--probably thirteen or fourteen miles round trip--for a meeting with a lawyer, and I put the rain cape on straightaway. Varying rain, sometimes light, sometimes moderate, all the way. A quick wipe of face and spectacles and a whack or two with the comb, and i was presentable in my dark sweater and Classic Wool Knickers. When I was done, it was raining so lightly I didn't bother with the cape for the ride home. Wool is wonderful that way.

(Of course I had a showercap on the saddle while I was in the office; there was, alas, and all too typically, no covered bike parking. In fact, there was no bike parking at all, but there was a handy bit of ironwork that accommodated my U-lock.)

Pleasant ride; LA is never so sweet-smelling as during rain.

While I was on the outward leg, another fixie rider--a carfree fellow--pulled up alongside and grilled me at some length about the cape. I was, of course, happy to oblige with information and opinions.

Then this afternoon Gina declared that she would just love to ride over to Village Idiot for a beer and a bite. She dressed up a bit in a slim knit skirt and chic Hunter rain boots, saddled up the Milk Runner, her 605B porteurish bike, and off we went. The streets were sopping wet but barely any rain was falling, so on the way out we left the rain capes in the panniers (she doesn't like hers, and indeed I am thinking that I would like to design an improved cape for Bicycle Fixation sometime soon).

On the way back it was raining quite hard, so we caped up for both the run to Susina for dessert, and the run home. The knee coverage the cape gave mostly overlapping the top of the rain boots kept her dry and cozy in spite of a cold and increasing storm.

Quite a pleasant day and evening after all! The rain still falls, making a gentle music in the downspouts, so sleep may be particularly felicitous tonight.

And best of all, it looks as though it will be clear, though perhaps chilly, for Sunday's birthday ride. People in LA tend to be rain wimps, so a clear Sunday will make for a more sociable ride. See you there!

...Just realized I may have been a bit unjust in that last paragraph: the notice for tonight's Mid-Wilshire Critical Mass stated that it was rolling rain or not!

I hope they do. They may just enjoy it more than they anticipate....

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