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01/27/2011: "Not All Are Fearful"
Kids' Bikes in Koreatown, Los Angeles
Click for larger version
Apparently not everyone in LA thinks that kids will be instantly abducted, run down, robbed, or slain if they go out on their own. On the way home from Downtown a couple of weeks ago, i passed by this passel of kid bikes locked up to city racks in Koreatown--and not in a particularly nice part of Koreatown either.

From the evidence, the owners of these bikes are either mostly pre-teens, or abnormally short.

I don't read Korean so have no idea what sort of establishment they are parked by, but it must generate a certain amount of bike traffic to have merited the two racks. I do often see grown-ups riding bikes for travel in Koreatown--not just poor folks either, and not just twentysomethings but middle-aged folks. Maybe a salubrious habit they brought over from home.

A habit that is spreading, however slowly, to spoiled and timid "real" Americans--who have a lot to learn.

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