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01/13/2011: "Classic Wool Knickers Back in Three Colors!"
Trevor & Trailer
Click on the image to the left, taken by my dear wife Gina, to see a bigger version of our trailer (bought as a surprise by Gina, too) hauling knickers from the downtown factory to Bicycle Fixation Central in the Miracle Mile. (By the way, I'm wearing hemp City Knickers v2.0 as I ride.)

Yes, we have replenished our stock at last, and to make up for the long wait, we are presenting three colors this time. You can see them in the swatch to the right:We found a lost roll of everyone's favorite charcoal gabardine and reprised our original product, the OG of the Bicycle Fixation line...but of course with the improvements in cut and sewing that we've developed since that first product run over four years ago.

The Navy is available in sizes 30 to 38; the Houndstooth from 32 to 38; and the Charcoal from 34 to 42. Quantities of charcoal and houndstooth are limited.

And of course all are 100% wool--the original miracle fabric.

Click here for a closer look--and to get yourself a pair!

Elegant, comfortable, versatile, and made for riding in!

Get yours now.

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