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01/06/2011: "Four Season Jersey Clearance Sale"
Got some new products in the pipeline, so we need to clear out some current inventory. We are putting our famous Four Season Jersey, aka the Ninja Road Warrior Hoodie, on sale for just $149 starting today. Supplies are limited and not all sizes are available, but this is the last of our stock for a while. You've still got a lot of winter to face, so here's your chance to face it comfortably.

Many of our customers report they wear their hoodies year-round, as they're so comfortable--one carfree gal claimed 400 days straight!--and a few perhaps overly-enthusiastic types even sleep in them.

Merino wool imported from New Zealand directly by Bicycle Fixation, and sewn by our superb contractor here in Los Angeles. Light, warm, and the most comfortable garment you'll ever put on your back.

Buy it here.

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