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12/01/2010: "Downtown"
Downtown's pretty much always been full of bikes, but more and more keep showing up lately. I've been on jury duty at one of the courthouses there, and riding to and from the Civic Center, or walking around there at lunch, gives me plenty of opportunity to look at bikes of all sorts, which seem to be everywhere.

Not that long ago, messengers would have comprised the bulk of downtown riders, but now they seem a distinct minority. Even the delivery riders on their weary old basket-laden MTBs are outnumbered by commuters and by lots of fixie kids, the latter cruising about in threes and fours.

Not a few of the commuters are also riding fixed, or at least singlespeed.

It's pretty sweet.

It would be sweeter, true, if there were more bike parking, especially secure parking in civic buildings...there isn't any for the courthouse in which I'm serving, so I am sneaking into a building where a colleague works and parking in their racks. But obviously not everyone can do that. And Chinatown, a short ride away and full of great eating, has, I think, zero racks...but I already groused about that on Orange 20's blog a couple of days ago.

Overall, though, it was invigorating to see lots of bikes of all sorts being ridden just to get around downtown.

Let's keep it up!

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