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11/24/2010: "Morning at Massimo's"
Pal John Vu and I, and often some other bikey folk, including Gina when she can get away, have made a practice of gathering for coffee at Massimo's Mudspot for coffee and blither on Wednesday mornings.

I'm often impressed by how many bike commuters use 8th Street, and even frantically busy La Brea, to get to work on weekday mornings, and equally depressed by my tendency to forget my camera and get some pix of them.

So today I brought the camera! ...On the Wednesay before Thanksgiving when a lot of folks have taken the extra day off work.

So I took a picture of John locking up at the Mudspot's bike rack:

John Vu in the Morning

Of course, once he came inside and I put away the camera, bike commuters started flowing by outside. I managed to photograph exactly one of them, and here she is, well-wrapped against what passes for "cold" in Southern California, but quite elegantly so:

Dressy Commuter

One of these days I'm going to plant my ass outside of Massimo's right at 7:30AM and snap a whole photo-essay's worth of bike commuter pix. There's quite a variety.

But for now this is what you get!

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