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11/01/2010: "Pleasant Surprise"
After a long loop through Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, and then West LA to clear the cobwebs and visit my friend Bill, who couldn't make it to the bridge yesterday, I stopped by the Better Bike Beverly Hills meeting I mentioned a couple of blog posts back.

When I arrived about ten minutes early, I saw five bike parked in front the the Peet's Coffee where we were to meet--all locked to parking meters since there were of course no racks. I figured, Great, we'll get an early start.

But none of the Better Bike BH folks was there when I went in!

They showed up shortly after two o' clock. Which means that the bikes all belonged to folks who had just traveled there for coffee or to shop in the neighborhood.

And that, folks, small as it may be, is a very good sign!

Beverly Hills, of all places...well, well....

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