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10/30/2010: "Two Important Bike Meetings in Los Angeles"
With cities such as San Francisco, Portland, and even Long Beach, Santa Monica, and tiny Hermosa Beach surging ahead with bicycle infrastructure, it's frustrating to see Los Angeles dawdle. But a number of groups, such as the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, are working hard to help LA catch up, and if you’d like to add some momentum of your own, join us this Thursday, November 4th, at 7pm at Halal Tandoori Restaurant (401 S. Vermont Ave) on the corner of 4th and Vermont. The food is excellent, too!

Bicycle Fixation has been working on the 4th Street Bicycle Boulevard project with LACBC, and we've done a lot to bring its benefits to the attention of residents, business folk, and the city itself in the past two years. Now is the time to move towards action.

Meanwhile, a little farther west, the City of Beverly Hills is in even greater need of sensible transport options, and Better Bike BH is on the job. First on their list is getting bike lanes on the portion of Santa Monica Boulevard that passes through BH and joins the excellent lanes that continue on from Century City to Sepulveda. That section is up for repaving--the first repaving in a very long time--and it would of course be much easier to integrate bike lanes into the street when it's going to be torn up, reshaped, and re-striped anyway. This is how the Century City to Sepulveda lanes came to be--after a lot of citizen input!

This is a major connection to the Westside, and a dangerous gap in bike lanes (West Hollywood's lanes lead to the section of road in question from the east), so it affects everyone, not just 90210ers! Their meeting's this Sunday--tomorrow!--October 31st, 2pm, at Peet's Coffee, 258 S. Beverly Drive.

Bicycle Fixation will aim to be at the LACBC meeting for sure, and probably at the Better Bike BH meet as well.

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