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10/21/2010: "Watch Out, Portland!"
In San Francisco for a couple of days....

The city is now crawling with bikes. Velos are everywhere, parked in bunches of four, five, and six, ridden in accidental platoons as cyclists accumulate at stop lights. Even SoMA, which is mostly a cager's playground, is full of bikes. The rain and cold don't stop the flow.

Fixies, mixtes, singlespeeds, new bikes and vintage, internal hubs, folders, road bikes, BMX, Dutch bikes, cruisers; fenders, panniers, baskets, baskets, and more baskets; knickers, denim, suits, and skirts...everything. Even one stout lady in office dress riding along with a little windshield on her roadster.

I suspect that a survey taken now would show San Francisco's cyclists taking a bigger piece of mode share than Portland's.

It's astounding, gratifying, and wonderful.

San Francisco hopes to raise the bicycle's share of urban trips to 20% by 2020. I think they're going to do it.

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