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10/14/2010: "Ride to the Art Walk in LA"
If you live in LA, you might be interested in the Miracle Mile Art walk, which takes place quite literally around the corner from the Bicycle Fixation headquarters!

I've been doing some volunteer work for the committee that puts on the art walk, and built their website, and currently we're trying to tempt more folks into riding their bikes to the art walk instead of driving.

The next Walk is this Saturday, October 16th, and will include a dance performance by LA troupe IN/EX.

And while there's no bike valet yet--we're aiming for next spring--there are all those new bike racks LADOT just installed on the Mile. If enough people show up by pedal power, we might just be able to get the Walk combined with a mini-CicLAvia starting next year!

That would be a wonderful gift to the neighborhood, and would allow art in the streets as well.

Some resources from the Art Walk's blog:
Suggested bike routes to the Art Walk here.

Art Walk schedule of events here.

IN/EX dance preview here.

Download flyers to print out here.
See you there!

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