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10/10/2010: "Sneak Preview--CicLAvia Report (More to Come)"
It was, perhap, the most wonderful thing to happen to Los Angeles, in decades...cicLAvia, a liberation of the streets from the automobile, a street opening designed to let human beings mingle freely as they move under their own power, on bicycles and skates, in wheelchairs and pedicabs, or just on foot, on quiet, clean, wide-open boulevards.

Inspired by the ciclovías that transformed Botogá, Colombia, from a poster child of urban degradation to a fashion leader in the new urban paradigm, CicLAvia will, with luck, begin LA's transformation into a cleaner, happier, more productive city where there's room for people on the streets, unboxed, untrammeled, unfrowning, healthy humanity.

Here's a little bit of of New Hampshire Boulevard populated with a multitude of smiling souls enjoying the weather and the neighborhood:

ciclavia_101010_newhampshirebl (135k image)

Imagine how it would look with that many cars in it....

That's all for now...expect a full report with many more photos in a day or two.

I rode the whole route once, and the western two-thirds a couple more times...and I wish I were still out there, but chores were calling.

LA's first, but--let's hope--by no means its last Ciclavia. Thanks to all who helped make it happen at last!

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