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09/03/2010: "The Bikes of Larchmont--Part 1"
Just posted the first half of a little photo-essay on the Bicycles of Larchmont--that is, Larchmont Village in Los Angeles, not the Long Island Larchmont. Ours is a lively little shopping street but one block long, just south of Hollywood, which has been seeing a great deal more bicycle traffic in the last couple of years, with everyone from punks to producers rolling in on a variety of wheels. In fact, I often run into Pure Luck's Lonnie or Moth Attack's Megan there!

I plan to shoot more photos, till I have twenty or so, but figured I'd start with these and add more by the end of the month, along with some shots of the boulevard atmosphere itself.

So click on over and take your first taste of The Bicycles of Larchmont!

(And yes, the cruiser in the sample shot above is in fact parked next to a rack dispensing a pornographic tabloid....)

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