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08/28/2010: "Routine Riding"
It's been an exhausting week--the apogee of some fairly depressing doings in the extended family, though I expect that the strain will taper off some now.

I've been riding everyday, but the rides have all been oriented around chores and duties of various sorts. In a way it's exactly what I hope bicycling should become for America, just the best way to get around and get things done, but I've had all too few of the gratuitous rides that take you from the quotidian to the transcendent.

At least Thursday I took a break to ride with a friend I hadn't seen for many, many years, under a sky that embodied the very poetry of light and air, a paradigmatic California day.

So, despite my complaints, I have little to complain about--thanks in great part to the bicycle, so that no matter how dreary a task I face at the end of the road, the road itself is always exhilarating.

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