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08/22/2010: "A Good Kind of Problem"
Rode to Larchmont this afternoon for coffee with my son, and there were so many bikes on the boulevard that I had to park farther from the coffeehouse than is my wont...and that's a good kind of problem to have! Especially considering that when the city took out the parking meters there to put in a pay station, they added 33 more bike racks by bolting conversion kits over the old meter poles.

Anyway, Larchmont is an ideal strolling street, and the kid and I ended up talking on our feet as we ambled about. Worked out well.

Bikes all up and down Fourth Street on my there and back, as well. Then when I walked over to the local supermarket, enough folks were loading groceries into bike baskets that it made me take notice.

Again, LA has a long way to go...but at least we're going there now.

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