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08/12/2010: "Knicker Socks Back in Stock!"
No more goosebumps in winter, no more sunburned shins, in summer, no more outraged staring at your bare and hairy shins--our Bicycle Fixation knicker socks are back in stock!

We've chosen a new color, Dark Charcoal, that will coordinate with just about anything, and a new size--The Sock Guy's One Size Fits Most, rated at 7 to 11 US, but fitting perfectly onto my size elevens as I sit here typing this. (I wouldn't be surprised if you twelves could fit them too, but I'm not guaranteeing anything.)

If you're a believer in compression garments for sports recovery, these will particularly please you; and if you're not, they'll please you anyway. Handsome, cozy, durable, flattering, and not too expensive either. What more could you want?

So check 'em out; they're just what your knickers have been asking for!

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