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07/21/2010: "Tourmalet Sale!"
Thursday, July 22nd, the Tour de France attacks the Tourmalet, one of the Great Climbs of the race, and one that has been part of a stage more often than any other in the Tour's long history. Eighteen kilometers at an average gradient of 7.5%, it would be a tough climb even if it were not preceded by two other Category 1 mountain passes.

So, in honor of the Tourmalet, we are putting the Four Season Jersey/Ninja Road Warrior Hoodie on sale for $25 off for one day only--the sale ends at 10PM pacific time on Thursday, the 22nd

Why a sale in honor of a climb?

Well, after all, in the mountains you can be in warm weather riding through the foothills only to find yourself in bone-chilling cold at the crest, so why not associate a a paradigmatic climb with our jersey for all seasons?

Though it's summer where most of our customers are, it's still a good time to buy, since fall is coming apace, with winter not far behind--and the jersey's price goes back up after the end of the stage.

And oh, yeah: this offer combines with our Tour de France Free Shipping Offer for purchases delivered to a US address for the entire duration of the Tour de France!

So, $25 off, and free shipping. Your jersey's waiting....

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