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07/20/2010: "Fixed Gear Gallery's Fifth Fixed Gear Symposium"
Fixed Gear Gathering
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Looks like Dennis Bean-Larson, the mastermind behind the Fixed Gear Gallery, is at it again!

He's announced the 5th Fixed Gear Symposium, a gathering for fixed-gear fanciers of all sorts, to be held as usual in his home base of Traverse City, Michigan. It's a "celebration of cycling simplicity," spread out over the week of August 24th to 29,v, 2010. Right around the corner, you might say....

Doings include rides, hillclimbs, races, contests, polo, films, food, and just plain hanging out and socializing with fellow fixie aficionados.

So if you're a fan of the fixed wheel, check it out right here, at Dennis's Fixed Gear Gallery. The gallery, of course, is also host to over ten thousand photos of fixed-gear bicycles of all sorts and, from antiques to neon whips fresh out of the UPS box, from pure track bikes to tricksters to fixed-wheel touring rigs--one of the most pleasurable distractions on the Internet!

Sounds like fun; wish we could go!

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