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07/11/2010: "The Purest Hybrid?"
The Ultimate hybrid?
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I made a quick and early run to the Bridge at Playa del Rey today, to get a little quiet time in before Gina and I pedaled to the Farmers Market on Third to watch Spain beat the Netherlands in the World Cup Finals. (You can imagine that it was a noisy occasion--left us a bit deafened, in fact!)

While at the beach I saw this bike, an old Shogun, that one could only call comprehensive.

Prefer front loading? Rear loading? Knapsack? Why not all three!

Low spoke count wheel in front, Aerospoke in back, and cyclocross tires on both--why not?

Lock, lights, mirrors, and a big bell.

I spoke to the owner briefly, a fellow named Greg. The low-spoke front wheel had been part of a set taken off a carbon road bike that "snapped in half" during a collision; the rear one had pulled spokes through the rim and eventually cracked its hub under the heavy loads Greg carries when he's going out camping, so he snooped around the internet and went for the Aerospoke in back.

The frame is an old Shogun touring model. The fellow puts on the miles, and loves the bike.

More power to him!

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