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06/17/2010: "Making a Living...."
Just a little reminder to all, that our Four Season Jersey/Ninja Road Warrior Hoodie is on sale till June 21st, after which the price reverts to $169.00. Buying it now essentially gives you free US shipping and a little extra; it also gives you one of the most versatile, comfortable articles of bike clothing a practical, stylish rider could desire.

And you might also bear in mind, if you've been thinking about our ever-popular Classic Wool Knickers, that while we have plenty of the True Black in all sizes, the Olive Brown limited edition is running low.

These and the rest of our products not only make it possible for us to keep publishing Bicycle Fixation (and live indoors while doing so!); they also expand the social and climatic contexts in which you can comfortably use your bike, day in and day out, season after season.

Ride far, look good, feel great, with our Bicycle Fixation clothing--designed by us and made in Downtown Los Angeles, just for you!

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