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04/17/2010: "Both More and Less than Paradise"
But every paradise has its serpents, in this case the all-too-numerous freeways snaking through and around Portland like Laocoön's tormentors.... A few short blocks west of the hotel, I came across the 405 freeway, beyond which the density of bike racks diminishes rapidly, the streets become deader, and the businesses--at least where I was--a little shabbier. Stlll much nicer than the same kinds of neighborhoods would be back in LA. But there is no escaping this all-too-familiar sight in Portland:

405 Freeway in Portland

Nevertheless, even in deepest SWPDX, bike routes are well-marked, so cyclists can at least find their way around, even if they can't park safely once they get there:

Bike Route Signs in Portland

This morning, meanwhile, we'll head back out to the lively, good-natured, and bicycle-rich SE for business meetings--and, of course, lunch! Taking the rain gear in case the weather report is actually right this time. Looking forward to Portland's marvelous Willamette River bridges again....

More soon!

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