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04/16/2010: "Night in Portland"
Esplanade_PDX (67\k image)What a wonderful ride tonight! The photo, from Gina's iPhone, shows the view from the Eastside Esplanade, looking at downtown Portland from the bank of the Willamette River. We had ridden over the Burnside Bridge and into SE Portland for dinner, and were treated to a nearly nonstop parade of cyclists going by our sidewalk table on 28th Avenue--not a major street by any means, nor a bike route. And nearly all the numerous bike racks on both sides of the block were occupied. Rider after rider pedaled by, many of them women, none of them in spandex...just regular folks riding places.

On our way back, Gina, who had borrowed a Brompton on her last visit, took me to the Esplanade, where she shot the photo, and then over the famous Steel Bridge, then back through downtown to our hotel.

Warm, clear, velvet skies, a fine city, a great river, and of the most pleasurable outings I've enjoyed in many, many months....

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