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04/16/2010: "Dreams on the Ground"
Our first day in Portland, straight off the train...I myself have not been here in thirty years or so. A brief ride to the hotel, a shower, and we set out on foot to check out our downtown neighborhood (near 11th and Washington).

PDX Bike CorralIndeed, cyclists (and pedestrians) everywhere, and, what makes it possible more than bike lanes, in my opinion, bike parking everywhere--including the bike corral in the photo. Fourteen bikes parked, and Clyde Common (where we had dinner) jam-packed just behind it. Three more bikes in the lobby, too.

A huge and thriving bookstore, Powell's, with more bikes parked under the marquee. Bike lanes all over, with signs at most junctions showing destination neighborhoods. Fairly intelligent routes.

This morning took an early ride along the river and up to 35th in SE; even in this more car-centric quadrant of Portland, bikes, lanes, and racks everywhere.

So, a good start so far.

More to come; stay tuned.

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