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03/17/2010: "It's Clean-Up Time!"
While it's true that you don't have to wash your woolies very often, you do have to wash them eventually--especially with the weather warming up a bit.

So here's a little plug for Kookaburra Wash (The Product Formerly Known as Woolwash), which we are restocking heavily for the coming season. It's the best thing we've found for washing merino or any other wool, which it reconditions, and it's made from vegetable extracts, so it's easy on the earth both in manufacture and in use. Not to mention that it gets you away from the generally nasty chemicals used in dry cleaning!

We like it enough that we use it for all our laundry, but it is especially kind to wool. You can use it for hand or machine washing (use delicate or preferably woolen cycle for BF's or other brands' wool cycling gear), air-dry flat, and BOB's yer uncle!

Contains lanolin for your wool and tea tree oil to control dust mites, as well as its gentle cleansers. And, according to Kookaburra, it costs you just 69¢ a load in the 16 ounce size (and less if you buy the gallon).

Check it out here.

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