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03/03/2010: "New Knickers Finally in Stock!"
Well, they're finally here: Bicycle Fixation's latest run of Classic Wool Knickers, now in True Black with a Fresh Bronze gusset.

We were delayed by scheduling issues at our contract factory (only two or three of their subs have the necessary skills for our styles), and then by the pneumonia that struck Martin once he got to our job, but they are finished at last!

We picked them up Monday and shipped all our backorders yesterday, so now we have a nice pile of elegant, understated cycling knickers in a brand-new color combination, ready to ship when you are ready to buy.

Our thanks to all those who pre-ordered, keeping our cashflow healthy during these hard times even though it meant having to wait up to a month for their goods; and we look forward to sending out more knickers to make you happy with the best damn city riding gear you'll ever wear!

Take a look at our new True Black Classic Wool Knickers; we think you'll like them.

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