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03/02/2010: "What Do You Do When You Get There?"
You park your bike, of course...if you can.

Streetsfilms produced a superb short Flash film exploring two new types of bicycle parking in use in Portland, Oregon today: bike corrals, and what they call a "bike oasis."

The corral shown in the clip below replaces parking for two cars with secure on-street parking for twenty-two bikes--and this has resulted in increased businesses for the merchants on that street!

The bike oasis is more complicated to build--it's put on a sidewalk bulb-out--but adds a roof and is easier to keep clean, as well as aesthetically preferable.

However, the corrals, with their luxury of space and better locations, have so far attracted more users, and have been better for local businesses.

Once again, Portland is ahead of the curve in the US, supporting its communities and businesses while other cities batter themselves over the head with ever more asphalt for more and more cars, cars, cars....

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