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02/10/2010: "First Wave...."
First wave of our new "True Black" Knickers, that is.

Regular readers will recall that we were surprised by a delay in production, after we had begun accepting pre-orders. So we reset the expected shipping date (now February 20th), and then begged a small accelerated run of knickers to ship to those who had ordered on the presumption that we would be able to ship around February 7th, as we'd originally hoped.

Well, we picked them up yesterday, and shipped them today--but took a moment to photograph a leg wearing said knickers, to give you a better idea of the color. (Or at least as good an idea as you'll get from a computer monitor.)

So if you're thinking of knickers, take a look. The new photo is number 5, the last one in the row of thumbnails.

There you have it!

(By the way, the leg was mine, and the new wool feels really very nice....)

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