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02/05/2010: "Raincape Madness"
Despite being "challenged" (as MBA's like to put it) by an intestinal upset, I couldn't cancel all my chores and stay home, for it's the day of the week I visit Mom in the nursing home in West LA. Today's weather being rather more like Portland's than what is typical for LA, I donned my usual wool knickers, an old Italian Navy sweater, and--most important today--the Carradice Pro Route rain cape, and headed west through a pelting rain.

This time I rode Trevor, the Pseudobecane, primarily because his fork-mounted headlamp would not be blocked when I used the rain cape properly, that is, draped over the handlebars. As in fact I did, as you can see from the photo Gina took of me as I came home:


What surprised me in particular today was--well, it was two related things:
  1. How many people of all economic classes were riding their bicycles on a cold, very wet, and wildly windy day; and
  2. How few of them wore any raingear at all!
Of course, this is consistent with the behavior of LA pedestrians, whom I often see marching through the rain, sometimes in very expensive attire, devoid of raincoat or umbrella. But rain walks are usually short; rain rides are often long....

Ah, well, it will likely remain a mystery, as we haven't the means to support a large-scale survey of inclement-weather sartorialism in Southern California...but I can't help wishing they'd get a clue.

I shouldn't complain anyway: I myself should have had rain spats on, as I did get wet from the shins down, but just didn't care.

At least they were out there, riding, and looking not at all unhappy. LA growing up.

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