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02/02/2010: "This Is Now...."
Spent much of the day downtown today (with a long detour to South Pasadena for coffee and a T-shirt pickup with Chuck). I was picking up materials for a run of long pants BF is making for a bike shop up north. (And yes, we'll have our own variant later on.)

In the morning I rode to B. Black & Sons, where I buy wool, ordered up a hundred yards or so of sheep hair, and then borrowed their immense handcart--nearly as big as a station cart--so I could push it along the teeming sidewalks to the factory.

By the time I got the cart back I had to leave for South Pasadena, which was a nice ride and a nice visit both--and then it was back to downtown for fusing and elastic. Zip-Up was out of the size of elastic I needed, so they called it in from another store; while I waited for it to arrive I walked over to Moon for the fusing and hoisted it back to Zip-Up on my shoulder. (This time I'd left my bike at the factory; the garment district is small, and it's often easier just to hoof it, which I enjoy anyway.)

A little after I returned to Zip-Up, the elastic arrived--by bicycle! Reminding me that sometimes, some places, the world we look forward to in these pages is already thriving.

Hoisted the roll of fusing and the bags of elastic and hoofed it back to the factory, where I retrieved my bike (it was Trevor's turn for an outing today, and rode home at last (though not without yet another stop on the way).

Keep an eye on these pages, especially if you're from Portland; once these special edition long cycling pants are on sale up there, we'll let you know!

And, oh, yeah: the next batch of BF knickers is a-sewing up right now, and should be done in three weeks or so. You can pre-order here.

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