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01/28/2010: "Biking & Walking 2010 Report"
The Alliance for Biking & Walking has released their 2010 report summarizing the state of bicycling and walking in the US. Some of its conclusions--the benefits of cycling and walking to public health--will be familiar, as will its dreary conclusion that the Federal government shortchanges the most efficient modes of urban transit woefully, directing only 2% of the transportation budget to modes that together comprise 13% of travel mode share. To quote:
In these times of high gas prices, a warming climate, increasing traffic congestion, and expanding waistlines, increasing bicycling and walking are goals that are clearly in the public interest. As this report shows, where bicycling and walking levels are higher, obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes levels are lower. Higher levels of bicycling and walking also coincide with increased bicycle and pedestrian safety and higher levels of physical activity. Increasing bicycling and walking can help solve many of the largest problems facing our nation. As this report indicates, many states and cities are making progress toward promoting safe access for bicyclists and pedestrians, but much more remains to be done.
As you can see from the quote, states and cities with a higher share of cycling and walking also have safer streets, further supporting the concept of "safety in numbers."

Read more, with links to the full version, at the Alliance for Biking and Walking website

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